Lindø Training Centre


Lindø Training Centre (LUC) has as its object to increase the number of apprenticeships and take further education closer to the blue trades at Lindø.

LUC also has an object, as the first formalised training centre in Denmark, to promote and support training and enterprise projects with a cross-disciplinary professional competence—both across educations and where possible across business enterprises.

The nearly 100 companies at Lindø have in common that they all work within the blue trades, and this vast cluster develops relations and cooperates in terms of work, training and innovation.

The core concept behind LUC is the interplay between the wise heads and the wise hands.

LINDØ port of ODENSE makes an education house available and the four partnering educational institutions fill the house.

Photo: SDE College

Enquiries concerning LUC in general may be directed to Susanne Willers, Head of Communication and Relations.

Enquiries concerning projects, educations, business cooperation etc. should be made to the four partnering educational institutions – please see the subject area of each school.