At LINDØ port of ODENSE we don't compromise on safety.

In connection with lifts and non-conventional transports, projects are carefully planned in cooperation with the client, and at implementation we hold toolbox-meetings where the process is discussed for all parties involved, and the team clarifies who has what tasks in the process. This process may seem troublesome to outsiders, but safety for the employees, partners and clients involved in the project is paramount. At the same time, the review of the operation with all persons involved ensures that LINDØ port of ODENSE maintains a high degree of quality in performing the job—thereby also avoiding damage to goods and equipment.

Safety is the turning point in everything we do. The technical and practical planning of every single process of operation is always aimed at a safe and sound execution of the operation. With heavy and complex lifting operations, things can go extremely wrong, if they do go wrong, and therefore we never compromise. Moreover, LINDØ port of ODENSE calculates and performs heavy, complex lifting operations under the internationally acknowledged standards of DNV, unless the client has specific wishes for the job to be performed according to other acknowledged standards.